Axis Bio offers a wealth of oncology-based studies to help accelerate your discovery programme. These can range from in vitro measures of compound efficacy and cell death, through to in vivo mechanistic studies. Our dedicated SPF vivarium and laboratory facilities, together with our highly skilled staff, allow us to offer reliable and individually tailored solutions to your outsourcing requirements. 


Cell Biology

Axis Bio offers a range of in vitro assays to identify compounds with efficacy in oncology models and/or highlight mechanism of action.

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PKPD studies

We can carry out PKPD studies in established tumour tissue to measure compound exposure and biomarker levels; this can identify optimal dosing levels for in vivo efficacy studies.

Our partner company Sygnature Discovery also offer INIVE (in vitro-in vivo extrapolation) to identify ideal dosing regimens to maximise efficacy for in vivo models.

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Efficacy studies

Axis Bio offers a wide range of xenograft models, validated against standard-of-care treatments. In addition to our in-house models, we can validate client-specific cell lines. Cell lines can be implanted on the flank or orthotopically, for a number of tumour types.

As well as standard xenograft studies, we offer a range of metastasis studies with and without luciferase-expressing cells.

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Syngeneic models

We offer syngeneic models for immuno-oncology studies. Data from efficacy studies can be backed up using FACS analysis of immune-subpopulations.

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Post study analysis

Axis Bio routinely performs a range of post in-life analysis of tissue samples to give added-value to client studies. These include:

  • Blood counts and clinical chemistry
  • Cell Biology
  • Histology
  • Real Time PCR

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