Axis Bioservices can now offer a range of histology services; these can be booked as part of a study package or as a stand alone piece of work. Our team can carry out organ collection and macroscopy, paraffin embedding, slide preparation and staining, along with digital scanning and computational pathology.

We offer:

-Multi-step, standardised QC process

-Standardised, validated staining (H&E, immunohistochemistry [IHC], immunofluorescence [IF], special stains, custom biomarker assay development


-Acquisition of digital images (40x magnification)

-Computational Pathology

-Data analysis


General Inflammation

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Rheumatoid Arthritic

Both collagen and adjuvant induced models are available:

  • CIA model in mice and rats
  • AIA model in rats

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Models of IBD to mimic Ulcerative Colitis are available:

  • Dextran Sulphate induced Colitis (Acute/mouse)
  • Dextran Sulphate induced Colitis (Chronic/mouse)
  • TNBS-induced Colitis (Rat) 

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Psoriasis is one of the most common immune-mediated chronic inflammatory skin disorders involved in the dysregulated interplay between immune cells and keratinocytes.

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Fibrosis is the formation of excess connective tissue in an organ. 

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