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Flexible Services

Individually tailored solutions to your outsourcing requirements


What we do

Axis Bioservices is a contract research organisation with specialist capabilities in oncology and angiogenesis. Together with our partners Xenogesis and HistologiX we can offer a complete service for your preclinical studies. We can provide services ranging from in vitro efficacy and mechanistic studies, through pharmacokinetics and in vivo target engagement, to efficacy studies in subcutaneous and orthotopic xenografts.

We can provide flexible, tailored solutions to your out-sourcing requirements. This can range from simply carrying out the in-life phase of your study and returning the samples to you for analysis through to providing a complete package of bioanalysis.

Axis Bioservices offer a number of specialist packages that can be individually tailored to our client requirements. Our translational package is designed to identify the optimal models for preclinical development of your compound. Our angiogenic package will measure the anti-angiogenic efficacy of your compound using a combination of in vitro and in vivo methods. If you work in an academic environment, our academic support package can advise on the required experimental evidence for preclinical development of your compound.

Communication with our clients is one of our main focuses; to this end our customer relations management system will ensure that you are kept up-to-date with all your project milestones. You will also be able to access project-specific documentation in this area.

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