Job Information

Current Vacancies

Flow Cytometry/Cell Biology Scientist

Qualifications required

  • A degree in immunology, cell biology or related discipline
  • PhD with 1 + year(s) of research experience involving routine, direct usage of Flow Cytometers (ideally on the Attune NxT Cytometer)

Absolutely required:

  • Extensive experience directly using Flow Cytometers
  • Experience in BSL 2 environments
  • Experience with primary cell cultures and cell-based assays
  • Experience with B or T cells
  • Experience with tumour immunology

Skills Required

  • Processing a range of tissue types to single cell suspension (eg. tumour, spleen, lymph nodes, bone marrow, blood and BALF).
  • Routine fluorescence-labelling and analysis of immune cells
  • Optimization of relevant protocols
  • PBMC isolation from peripheral blood
  • Principal Investigator on client projects
  • Analysis of data and reports/summary preparation
  • Troubleshooting and devising alternative strategies when necessary
  • Providing training and direction trainee and support scientists
  • Supporting all Flow Cytometry/Cell Biology needs of the team 
  • Following laboratory safety guidelines and practices

The candidate must be………….

  • Conscientious and display excellent bench skills
  • Excellent technical, trouble-shooting and problem-solving capability
  • Excellent attention to detail, time management and record-keeping skills
  • Proven ability to independently initiate and follow through on new projects
  • Ability to support multiple projects while meeting ambitious goals and timelines

CV’s should be emailed to