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Xenograft Models

To measure the efficacy of your novel agent, Axis Bioservices has a range of validated tumour cell lines which can be implanted as xenografts into SCID or nude mice. All our in vivo xenograft models have been validated against standard-of-care agents.

Prices start from £340 for growth of xenograft, dosing, tumour measurement three times per week and completion of the final report.  Please use our Get a Quote facility or contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a price for metastatic studies.


Cancer type Cell Lines
Bladder RT112
Brain U87MG

MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-468,
MCF7,MCF10A, T47D,ZR-75-1

Bone Saos-2
Colorectal SW48, HT29, HT115, HCT116, SW620,
LoVo, GP5d, LS174S, COLO320
Leukaemia MOLT-4
Lung LLC
Ovarian SK-OV-3
Pancreatic PANC-1, BxPC-3
Prostate LNCaP, DU145, PC3, 22rv1, LAPC4


Our cell line collection is continually expanding, if a cell line of interest is not listed please Contact us as it may be currently undergoing validation.


Orthotopic implantation/ Metastasis


Axis Bioservices have developed a proprietary collection of luciferase-expressing cell lines which can be utilised for orthotopic implantation and assessing metastatic spread using the Xenogen Biphotonic IVIS imaging system. Please Contact us for more details on these cell lines.

If we do not have a luciferase-expressing version of your cell line, we have the capability to generate and characterise these.