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Flexible Services

Individually tailored solutions to your outsourcing requirements


Specialist Packages

Axis Bioservices offer a series of attractively priced specialist packages. These consist of a series of experiments that can be tailored according to client requirements.


Our TRANSLATIONAL PACKAGE is designed to identify the optimal model(s) for preclinical development of your compound. We will screen our panel of tumour cell lines to identify maximal target engagement and/or functionality. The results from this screen will inform future PK/PD and efficacy studies.


Our ANGIOGENIC PACKAGE is designed to measure the anti-angiogenic efficacy of your compound using a combination of in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo techniques. Central to this package is the dorsal skin flap or 'window chamber' model which provides reliable and cost-effective data suitable for publication or report filing. In vitro and ex vivo techniques including tube formation and matrigel plug assays can be used to complement these studies.


If you work in an academic institution our ACADEMIC SUPPORT PACKAGE can advise you on the required experimental evidence for preclinical development of your novel compound. We can provide practical advice and help with preparing grant applications. In return, if the grant is successful, we will carry out the work, providing well-controlled validated results in a timely fashion.


Please contact us to discuss any of these packages.