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Oncology Models

Axis Bioservices offers a range of preclinical oncology services to accelerate your drug development program. Our dedicated vivarium and laboratory facilities, together with our highly-trained staff, allow us to offer reliable and individually-tailored solutions to your outsourcing requirements.

We can offer PHARMACOKINETIC STUDIES in mice or rats. A typical study design would include delivery via two routes, blood sampling at 8 time points with LC-MS/MS quantitative bioanalysis. Extra time points and cassette dosing are also available.

For PK/PD studies we can carry out the in-life phase and return any samples to the client for analysis. Alternatively, with our partners Xenogesis and HistologiX we can offer a comprehensive analysis package to confirm compound levels in target organs and/or measure target engagement.

To measure anti-tumour efficacy of client compounds a wide range of xenograft models are available for sub-cutaneous or orthotopic implantation.

Anti-angiogenic efficacy of client compounds can be measured using the dorsal skin flap or 'window chamber' model. These studies offer reliable and cost-effective data suitable for publication/report filing.

To complement these in vivo models, we also offer a range of in vitro cell-based studies which include cytotoxicity, apoptosis, angiogenesis and molecular characterisation.

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