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More Information on Oncology Models


Axis  Bioservices can offer a range of pharmacology and cell biology services to accelerate your oncology drug discovery program.  All our services have been validated and our fully flexible approach ensures that all assays can be customised according to client requirements.    

Download Oncology Models Factsheet

Download Preclinical Services Factsheet


Cell Biology Studies   

  • Viability,  proliferation, clonogenicity   
  • Apoptosis,  angiogenesis  
  • ELISA,  Western blot    
  • Q-­‐PCR, siRNA technology   

PK/PD in tumour-bearing mice 

Samples returned to client for analysis or we can provide:  

  • Blood  and tumour bioanalysis  
  • Analysis  of tumour biomarker (western blot, ELISA, IHC) 

Tumour growth Inhibition

  • Typical study lasts 28 days (can be customised)
  • Xenograft and syngeneic tumour models available  
  • Tumour volume, bodyweight and general observations x3 per  week  
  • Tumour resected and weighed at end of study (additional processing  available)   

Metastasis Studies   

  • Experimental  metastasis via tail vein
  • Orthotopic  implantation studies
  • Luciferase­‐expressing cells    

All assays can be customised to client requirements.  We offer a wide range of dosing routes which can be used in prophylactic or treatment studies.   Factsheets with specific model details and optional extras are available, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.