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In-Vitro Studies

To complement your in vivo studies, Axis Bioservices can offer a range of in vitro cell-based mechanistic studies.

In addition to measuring cell proliferation and viability, we can carry out a range of studies to measure apoptosis, and angiogenesis; these can all be complemented by molecular characterisation using Q-PCR, flow cytometry Western blotting or siRNA technology.

               APOPTOSIS DETECTION                   ANGIOGENESIS         OTHER
TUNEL assay Would scrape assay ELISA for client target
Flow Cytometry Angiogenesis assay (Cell Biolabs)

Biomarkers - flow cytometry,
immuno-staining westernblotting

DNA fragmentation   siRNA technology
Caspase 3/7 detection   96-well plate Q-PCR analysis


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